Twitter Round 2

The second round of tweeting was an interesting spectacle, to say the least. Following on from the feedback received from the previous assignment it was clear as a cohort, individuals truly stepped up and realised the importance of creating discussions and debatable topics. This encouraged far more in-depth analysis of the film and indefinitely increasing knowledge of the film. creating and maintaining top quality and insightful tweets is a difficult thing to master and curate however I do feel my tweets achieved greater engagement this time along with personally engaging in others.

Week 8: I, Robot

Following the break, bringing myself back into the routine of tweeting was a difficult task which I believe was a common trend amongst the class, combined with the fact I love this film. Maintaining quality tweets tough, however, I feel as though some of my tweets achieved a sense of accomplishment in their engagement. posts received far more likes and retweets than I had experienced in previous films which is largely positive. In the previous reflection, it was encouraged to utilise scholarly articles. My tweet regarding the term “Ghost in the Machine” received retweets and likes but no engagement other than my mistake of not incorporating a link to my finding. Engagement with others increased which is a major improvement since previous occasions

Week 9: Robot And Frank (2012)

Week 10: Marjorie Prime (2017)

Similarly to Robot and Frank, I offered far more insightful tweets and what I believe would spark somewhat philosophical discussion about the film, Including quotes from the director that I held a preconceived notion would be a conduit for greater discussion. Posing questions that after weeks of this task would promote debate however this was not the case. I did receive some engagement in my tweets such as likes and retweets but minimal comments. I did increase my personal engagement with others to try and promote discussion of the film which was beneficial to the class and the thread.

Week 11: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Week12: The Matrix (1999)

The final screening session exceeded my expectations of myself and others in the tutorial. I feel as though this was attributed to associating the film with a newfound angle to the Matrix. Angus pointed out the coming out of the directors as transgender. This new angle completely reshaped my research and viewing of the film which in turn reshaped a primary focus of my tweets. societal discussions towards the queer perspective of the film appeared far more insightful leading to different paths in which previous weeks had become.

I was able to pose a question that secured a genuine discussion amongst my peers, this was something I had been trying to accomplish throughout this semester will little success. Open questions had always been the goal though I had never managed to gain the amount of insightful engagement that I had with this tweet. I attribute this to a realisation it is indeed the final week, therefore, students click into gear of what is expected of them but also it was a matter of asking the right questions which I had not yet succeeded in.

A flaw in the task: I believe this task experiences a major flaw within the individuals who are apart of it. There is a level of lack of self-confidence that is present in each week’s task with a constant reliance on humour and closed comments or basic links. As a collective, it is difficult to move forward when everyone is stuck on the same path. A possible way to overcome said issues could be in-class workshops to increase user awareness of the need to be more investigative and tweeting skills. accessible online toolboxes are difficult to utilise in real time when one represents a lack of self-confidence in the online sphere. This is something that could be a good starting point for further growth within this specific task.

Overall I genuinely did enjoy this task and I do believe it was one of my favourite tutorials I have ever had at university for its difference to general norms of a tutorial but also the skills I have gained about the Twitter-sphere. the Analytical process of future cultures within the themes of each film was a new approach that I thoroughly enjoyed.


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