BCM325 – My two cents 2.0

ray of sunshine

Our the course of the semester we have been working towards a public digital artefact. As the deadline of the DA is becoming ever closer everyone was required to present a Beta update, a 4min video to showcase how the DA has been progressing, this is helpful to give an update on how you are progressing, any feedback or iterations to your project. I was allocated three different DA Beta videos to comment & provide my insight.

BETA Video One: Tiana Paoletti

Tiana’s digital artefact is a podcast called, What Next? and it discusses conspiracies. It then makes a link to the future including potential happenings, suspicions, and predictions.

From my comment I gave, what I believe, to be helpful & insightful feedback to help improve the final DA. The first being a research paper, by Sage paper on Political Extremism Predicts Belief in Conspiracy Theories I suggested this because…

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