Kiki Paige

Commenting is probably my least favourite thing about contribution. Like I have addressed in my previous blog post, I often feel anxious about leaving comments on other peoples posts, blogs, etc. I get an overwhelmed feeling, and a sense that whatever I may say, it will be read and disregarded. I am still struggling to incorporate researched feedback in regards to someone’s particular topic and/or digital artefact. I often comment and express my opinion towards it and a suggestion of something that I think could help improve it, but sometimes I can’t always get that out. I don’t know how to be constructively critical no matter how hard I try, I always end up being either too nice, or not informative.

BETA #1 – Digital Media Society (DMS)

Not going to lie, I didn’t quite catch on to the concept of this at first, but I began to slowly understand…

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