don’t be such a pitch about the future.


One of my favourite parts about digital media subjects such as BCM325 is that it allows us the opportunity to examine the projects of other students and in doing so, understand a different way of thinking than our own.  Through our examinations and comments, we are invited to experience an idea in its infancy and help guide it towards a solid, tangible digital artefact.

For this task, I examined three digital artefacts – the UOW Digital Media Society by Alex Mastronardi, insects as a future food source by Naomi Nguyen, and using holography to enhance the lecture experience by Trang Bui.  Each of these digital artefacts is markedly different from one another, yet all manage to tie back to the theme of ‘future cultures’.

Alex's pitch blog post. Alex’s pitch blog post

Alex’s pitch was interesting to review as I already know of and interact with the Digital Media Society outside of class.  I…

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