Live Tweet Redemption? But not really

Second time round tweet analysis, have a geeze about why I’m still not famous on twitter

This is round two of my live-tweeting analysis, and not only am I a few months older,  I am also a few months wiser: I would love to think so, at least. With a chance of redemption at attempting to become a ‘Twitter Star’, I am disappointed to share that my breakthrough did not occur. This time, however, I stuck to what I knew worked and gained interactions through experiencing and analysing my first attempt, although it does seem that this half of the semester my interactions and engagements on Twitter dropped in comparison to the first half. This could be caused by several reasons, such as other students potentially becoming less motivated to continue and keep up with the demand of interactions the second-time around, or due to myself not being as motivated to produce the same quality or quantity of tweets. Lastly, I perhaps could have lost my…

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