Live Tweets, Retweets & Everything In Between (Again)


After 12 weeks of live tweeting, I guess you can say that I’ve become pretty accustomed to the vigorous task of trying to research articles, tweet interesting things and pay attention to the film; all in one. Some films are easier to tweet about than others, but this doesn’t deter all of us from making jokes about the film (or how bad it is), and trying to pick some aspects of the plot apart. Live-tweeting has allowed all of us to have a sense of interaction with each other, whether this be through liking, retweeting and replying; which we may not have received in previous or other classes. Now, let’s have a look back on the last few weeks of the semester, and see which tweets and interactions on twitter seem to be most prominent!

Week 8: iRobot (2004)

iRobotiR week 8iRobott

iRobot is a film which I’ve personally seen maybe 5 or…

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