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Blabbering On

Commenting on other people’s posts has been a challenging yet useful experience for me this semester. While I struggled to critique others work, even if it is beneficial, it allowed me to reflect on my own work and understand what does and doesn’t work well. While reviewing Ijumaa, Vilde and Trang’s work, I was able to see similarities in my work, as well as take away ideas that I can incorporate.

Ijumaa’s EP

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 9.26.11 pm.png
Ijumaa‘s work is an EP of alternative hip-hop music set to encourage reflection about the future through its calming tone and meaningful lyrics. While this is an unknown area to me, all of the key terms were explained well enough that I could grasp the concepts and ideas. I did recommend some in-depth explanations in the contextual essay though, as it would allow for greater understanding. I believe that such a different and interesting idea is commendable…

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