06/ A peak into the future; what do you think?

Emily G.

As this semester comes to an end, all our assessments come to approach us. Most peoples digital artefacts are almost completed, as I reviewed three other students process and tried to give them some feedback! See below-

Nyssa: Fictional Dystopian Futures
Nyssa uses her current blog and audience to build upon three 3 separate blog posts about the insertion of technology (micro chips, nano chips and potentially the removal of these) within a 5, 10 and 50+ year time frame.

I was able to find and provide her a link to a resource that The Conversation posted to perhaps allow her to get another perspective on the implications with micro-chipping humans. She also mentioned in her beta pitch video how she had struggled to build engagement within her blog, as I suggested she try promoting it through Reddit to possibly lure in her audience from there. I was intrigued with…

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