Assessment Task One Part 2-Pitch Comment Post 4


By watching the beta projects of the three students, I think this is more intuitive than the pitch. Compared to the pitch, the beta shows more detail things, and can clearly see everyone’s reflection on their own project. I think this is very good to understand the meaning of their DA project. Seeing everyone’s process will also help me to finish my project. The following three are my comments and reflections.

-Amanda Tait

Amanda’s beta project is about 3D printing to repair corals, and I think this project is very meaningful. Because the destruction of the environment and the destruction of the ecological balance have become the focus that we cannot ignore. Amanda clearly shows her 3D printing process and product display at school 3D printing room, which helps me better understand her progress. My advice for her research is that if she wants more intuitive comments, she can consult…

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