BCM325 – Reflection on Commenting

Post #4 – Reflection on Commenting

UOW Communications Blog

Comment #1: Yuanxin (Wendy) Wen

Wendy’s beta presentation outlines her intention to explore the possible amalgamation of virtual and robot pets in the future. Specifically, she talks about Pokémon Go and the opportunity for it to extend beyond the virtual and into the physical. When reflecting upon my approach to commenting on Wendy’s blog, it’s clear that I possess a highly sceptical and dystopian sentiment towards the future. When thinking about why I instinctively gravitate towards this view, I realise it stems from my underlying fear and distrust of establishment. Throughout my university experience, I have developed a sense of ‘them’ and ‘us’ regarding the ‘elite’ in contrast to ‘the rest of us’. I believe that the growing divide in global power, wealth and knowledge means that the 95% are highly susceptible to manipulation by of the other 5%. This leads me to always consider the possibility of exploitation…

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