Beta Assessment: Task 1 part 2- Critical reflection of weekly Tweets

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Tweet Weekly Reflection:

From week 8 – 12 our class continued articulating and breaking down films that all have similar themes and meanings. As usual we were asked to engage with the class by live-tweeting (10) and making interactions (20). Our tutor encouraged us to find articles and media outlets beyond the films reactions we had to help further our analysis. So to prove that I have engaged in weekly classes here are my most prominent tweets and interactions in the class bcm325.

Week 8: I, Robot

week 8 screening of IRobot wasn’t my best week in terms of likes or interactions. My most liked tweets were actually facts from sources across the internet I found. Accumulating only 3 like between the pair it wasn’t a great week, however I still tried to provide the comments and reactions too tweets and relate back to the subject.  In particular this screening…

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