Beta luck this time


– BCM325 – Critical Reflection & Feedback Pt Two–

After receiving feedback from assessment one, I feel that I have gained beneficial and valuable advice which I was able to apply in my next lot of three comments.

Comment One – Elizabeth Farley

LF 1

Lizzie’s Digital Artefact involves the start of a new podcast collaborating with fellow class mate Tiana, discussing crime stories and conspiracy theories. One I really enjoyed listening about, especially as an avid crime/conspiracy buff myself.

As two comments were already posted with great advice to Lizzie, I decided to focus on my strengths and share some knowledge that may be helpful from a digital marketing perspective. Lizzie’s BETA included valuable information about the challenges presented on there chosen platform, Soundcloud, and how changes ( were made to best suit their listeners. I used this information to then provide best guidance and relevant sources, academic and non-academic, about…

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