Beta Patrol: Evaluating my own feedback

Abby Poposki

Once more, it is the time to evaluate feedback I left on three different Beta pitches. This time around, I tried to be more constructive on the actual DAs, but I did leave some feedback regarding the Beta pitches themselves as well.

[BCM 325] Iterations, Developments & Nova: Making My DA Beta! – Josh Crawley

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 12.44.21 pm

Josh’s DA had changed from his initial idea to form a video essay, an idea that I haven’t seen occur often in BCM325. I did struggle to understand the concept of novum and what Josh intended to explore about it. This may be due to Josh’s use of sophisticated language and the fact I was unfamiliar with novum. I noted this in my comment because I believe the format of the Beta is to inform the audience of the iterations of the DA, so being clear and concise is important.

Josh mentioned that he had…

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