Comments and analysis: They’re getting Beta…


Here is a critical analysis of the second round of comments on my peers’ Beta presentations for #BCM325.

Beta 1: Ashleigh – CGI Technology

I first looked at Ashleigh’s Beta presentation about Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology. Ashleigh’s DA will be a series of blog posts on CGI, and she plans to delve into a range of topics involving this technology. I expressed in my comment how it was an area that I was unfamiliar with, so was therefore extremely intrigued by it! While I had limited knowledge of this area, her presentation did prompt me to think of the use of CGI technology to create holograms of famous musicians who have passed away. It raises extremely fascinating ethical and moral issues about the use of this technology, and I thought it would be a possible topic for Ashleigh to look at. While I provided a number of links for…

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