DA Pitch Comment Review & Reflection (Part 2)

Ray Nguyen

Continued on my assessment in BCM325 – Future Cultures, I was tasked to review and give feedback on another three of my peers’ pitch presentations for their Digital Artefact (DA) project. During the process of giving feedback, I found myself spending much time considering how to comment constructively. Speaking an emotive mother tongue, I am aware that my careless word usage can result in offending people. Therefore, I am very self-conscious when giving feedback to my peers.

To look into my contribution to my peers’ pitch presentations, I present my critical self-reflection of my comments on three DA pitches below.

Pitch 1: Future of Human Lifestyle

Desmon’s original DA topic was about the future of communication. However, some of his feedback suggested that he could narrow his topic down as it was too broad. For that reason, now he decides to focus on the future of the convenience of human lifestyle.

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