Friendly Feedback – BCM325

Taleasha Rose

I love the idea of sharing feedback on other DA’s! It allows me to read about things that I may not have if it weren’t for BCM325. Things such as marketing/advertising and computer-generated imagery.


I’m not going to lie, I freaked out when I saw marketing and advertising mentioned! But I was intrigued to hear Jessica’s audio about her Beta.
I loved the fact that Jessica took on board her pitch feedback and implemented it into her DA Beta, and she was clearly interested in what she was doing for her DA.
After listening to Jessica’s first podcast, it definitely led me to remember the BCM110 and BCM112 content surrounding filter bubbles, etc.

The only kind of critical feedback I could really think of was when the podcasts would be posted – daily, weekly, etc.? I suggested that posting the podcasts consistently and at roughly the same time each…

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