I’m definitely getting better at this Live Tweeting thing (I think)

em koletti

In my last post about my first live tweeting experience in BCM325, I mainly stated how each week, it was difficult for me to join in on discussions provided by my peers in the subject. Even though my original tweets were getting more attention with the use of GIFs and memes, I decided to buckle down and start discussing the importance of these films and why in fact we were watching them.

Week 8- I, Robot

This week, I commented on a tweet to start a conversation however, it didn’t seem to go anywhere, and it was only after the class I realised it was not much effort on my behalf or my tweets just stated my thoughts instead of asking direct questions.

And yet, I am still gaining more likes and retweets through my GIFs rather than my written thoughts.

I, Robot Giphhttps://twitter.com/emilykoletti/status/1123736784926597123 – GIF

Week 9- Robot and Frank


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