Last Lot of Live Tweets

This time around my posts on Twitter was a bit more refined. I did make sure to include some links to different articles this time around which my first set of tweets definitely lacked. To do this while watching a movie I would look up an object of the movie that interested me and then the movie name afterwards, it seemed to work 90% of the time with finding articles that no one else seemed to have found.


I also focused a lot more on character and costume design this time around. Especially since I love costuming, I would look up if the costuming of a certain movie was important or how long it took to create.

I also still posted some interaction making posts which I will call a bit memey and purely based off of jokes like these ones.

I definitely didn’t post as many tweets this time since I wanted my tweets to be well thought out including links to articles with interesting reads or making certain they were relevant towards the scenes. I tried to make certain that I wasn’t too late with the tweets and if the movie went to long past an article I was trying to find I would usually scrap that tweet since no one might get it anymore. I think the key to live tweeting is being fast and being relevant, two challenges that if successful, the interactions go up in the number of engagement.

Speaking of interactions, like I said earlier I did try to post tweets that would hopefully gain a higher interaction, which I think compared to my last group of tweets gained a lot more engagement. I also liked almost every tweet I agreed with which ended up being a lot. I attempted to reply to more tweets but I think compared to the last lot of live tweeting, I didn’t reply to as many. I also attempted to retweet some tweets that I heavily agreed with or were interesting but again unlike the last lot of live tweets I don’t think I retweeted as much.

To further improve on live tweeting, I think I could add more questions to my tweets which would open up room for easy engagement with others, since I did see others doing this in their tweets towards the end of the session. Tweet deck once again helped immensely although if I ever needed to find a gif for something I would go straight to my phone app, find the tweet and look for a gif from there. The ability to have the same hashtag twice one to be able to read and one to keep up with the tweets were just too helpful and I’d definitely recommend it in the future. Here is the link for those interested! This subject has by far been one of my favourite subjects in my course and it has taught me a lot about engagement and the future.

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