Live-Tweeting Reflections Part II

Nicole Gentle

From weeks eight to twelve, my tweet contribution varied in quality. My more successful interactions involved sharing outside resources to my peers or simple observations of the film which brought to question some of the issues presented by the movies watched. During these weeks I also attempted to interact more readily with my peers’ tweets, however I found myself mostly liking their tweets rather than interacting with the ideas through conversation.

Week Eight: iRobot (2004)

My tweet contribution for week eight wasn’t as strong as I would have liked it to be. The small number of tweets that I did post mainly focused on iRobot‘s relatability to our current society. For this week, I should have also focused more on other futuristic aspects and participated more readily with conversations happening through my peer’s tweets.

BCM325 Tweet 8.png

Week Nine: Robot and Frank (2012)

During week nine, I greatly improved upon my contribution…

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