Live Tweeting (The Sequel)


After the first session of live tweeting in Future Cultures, I entered the second session with a greater understanding of how to live tweet with research done pre-screening. Unfortunately due to midsession break, a missed week, and the assignment due a day after the last screening, this critical reflection will only encompass the three weeks; iRobot, Robot and Frank, and Marjorie Prime. This also means that one of my favourite films of all time ‘the matrix’ will not be included.

Compared to the first session, I believe I had a greater level of engagement, not only starting conversations with my original tweets, but consciously making an effort to respond to others live tweets, bringing up differing points of view to open up a conversation with the rest of the class.

The hardest week for me to live tweet was Week 8’s ‘iRobot’. The film was a big Hollywood production and ‘held…

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