Livetweeting Curation: Stop Making Niche References, Vol. 2

homebrew drafts.

Upon reflecting on my initial set of curated tweets from this subject after the mid-session break, I noticed that there seemed to be a direct correlation between the sharing of articles (as opposed to simply offering hot takes or pieces of trivia) and lower levels of engagement. Rather than fretting over whether I should share more articles (specifically academic ones as well as web articles) or offer more ridiculously niche references exclusively, I elected to do focus somewhat more on the former, which, confusingly, allowed me to produce higher value memes to cover the latter. After a two-week break without livetweeting, my contributions to the Week 8 screening initially seemed somewhat forced, but began to reflect this observed trend almost immediately. An impromptu thread outlining Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robots gained a handful of likes and retweets, but zero engagement – by contrast, sharing academic articles did surpringly well when…

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