My Feedback (The Sequel)


Learning Assessment Task One: Part Two

For BCM325 Learning Assessment Task 1: Part 2, I provided varying levels of helpful feedback depending on my peer’s Digital Artefact pitches. I had more trouble giving critical feedback on these beta presentations than on the pitch presentations, as many people are already very deep into their final DA. Some of the betas are already self critical, highlighting what it was that they did wrong in their pitch and denoting what is was that they needed to fix.

Page Trang


Page is currently creating a Digital Artefact exploring the relationship between holographic technology and education, delving into its use in the future. I could relate to this topic as like the rest of the bcm325 students, technology is a focal point of my course.

Trang had addressed the timeframe and benefits of holographic technology, directly addressing future cultures. Commenting on this beta…

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