This Beta be good

em koletti

  • Nathan Rathsam- Podcast with creatives

Nathan’s digital artefact is a podcast series involving discussions with ‘creatives’ from different industries. He has effectively created conversation through his first podcast as they consider how the individual’s workplace will progress in the future, along with educating his audience on the particular area the interviewee is in.

I had a few suggestions for Nathan’s podcast as I feel he could continue this DA outside of the subject. I provided him with podcasts I have found that relate to his topic of interest and also offered some ways on how he could gain a larger audience to listen and those interested in joining his podcasts.

You can find my comment on Nathan’s Beta, here.

  • Nothando Moyo- The Migrant Diaries

Nothando is exploring the stories of migrants as she continues her previous Digital Artefact from another BCM subject. I was able to understand her project easily…

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