This is only the Beginning: Live-Tweeting

pay attention and scroll...

Learning from our previous live-tweeting sessions in class, I’ve come to realise the value of participating in real-time discussions on prevalent topics explored throughout each film. From these experiences and feedback from the initial reflection about live-tweeting I have made more of a conscious attempt in contributing links to further research on the topics being addressed by peers in the class.

In these rounds of live-tweeting I posed a number of insightful questions for readers to easily engage with, stimulating and provoking thought in ways which they might not have been able to deliver. The screenshots below provide an example of creating open-ended questions:

In this sense, I believe I possess the capability to engage with my audience providing a safe-space to address their own personal opinions on the topics of mental disease and family-related concerns in relation to the future of technology and its substituting role as a caretaker…

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