Three Comments for Beta Presentations

Amanda Tait comment

Starting off with what I think is my best comment is on Amanda’s digital artefact on 3D printing to restore the coral reefs. Amanda looks to research how 3D printing can be useful to help restore the coral reefs. She has 3 different blog ideas that all connect in an interesting way.  I’ve also noticed her posts on twitter about how here project is going along but also noticed that these posts aren’t getting much traction. In order to help get more engagement, I’ve suggested using Instagram. Even though Instagram is usually viewed perhaps not the best platform for some digital artefacts, I’ve encouraged Amanda to look to using this one as a way to propel an audience towards her blogs, since it can be hard for some to find a way to get people to view their WordPress. This comment was the one where I’ve linked the most links in, mostly suggesting tips and tricks for posting on an Instagram blog, especially for non-profits since I think Amanda’s DA is very similar as well as why engagement is useful on Instagram.

ATaani COmment

My second comment, which wasn’t my best, but I also don’t think it was my worst was on Taani’s Digital Artefact. Taani looks to advocate strong famous women in different careers who may have faced oppression to get to where they are. This is an interesting Digital Artefact but since I couldn’t think of a lot of things to suggest it ended up being one of my shorter and perhaps more unhelpful of my three comments. I ended up linking articles as to why it is important to keep up engagement on Instagram since this is the one platform she is using. I perhaps could have suggested using more platforms such as WordPress or Twitter to further her ability to talk about these women but at the time I did not think of that.

a lachlan comment

Lastly looking at probably my worst comment of the three. Lachlan wants to create 4 videos matching the seasons relating to the different parts of an empire and then comparing it towards our present. I think this is the most unique Digital Artefact I’ve come across but also perhaps the most confusing. I didn’t know exactly what to suggest for Lachlan so really just suggested more ways he could promote his videos to people outside of the BCM subject. Since he made no mention of promoting it to anyone either in the BCM subject or outside Especially since other engagement besides this subject would be useful for reiteration in his last videos. I suggested Reddit since it’s the platform that is probably the most relatable for his digital artefact, I also tried to suggest a link with some tips for easily promoting Youtube videos.




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