Turning My (Incoherent) Rambles into a Coherent Reflection

Abby Poposki

Week Eight – I, Robot (2004)

Dir. Alex Proyas

I, Robot was a film that I struggled to engage with completely. I had seen it before and hated it, which clouded my ability to provide meaningful and insightful tweets about the content. I did not ‘like’ a single tweet from the viewing and only replied to my peers a few times. This was detrimental to my viewing experience because I was not able to adequately interact with my peers on a critical level but instead poked fun at the entire film.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 5.50.03 pmThe only ‘serious’ tweet from Week Eight’s viewing.

Week Nine – Robot and Frank (2012)

Dir. Jake Schreier

My engagement with others in the subject improved this week, however only by a small amount. I didn’t reply, like and retweet nearly as much as I had hoped prior to the viewing. The lack of engagement can be attributed to…

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