Yep, I still don’t really enjoy Tweeting.

Work in progress

As mentioned in my other post, I don’t enjoy tweeting and I still don’t but here we are. I now realise I should probably do this self-evaluation weekly instead of leaving it to the last minute trying to find all of my tweets.

(Whole threads can be found by clicking on the date of each tweet)

Week 8 – I, Robot
I can tell you now, I was disappointed when I thought we were watching ‘Meet Dave’ instead of ‘I, Robot’ but alas – I’m happy I finally watched this movie.

Myself and others explored why AI voices are mostly more feminine and also why Google thought I was trying to Google female related issues (which I’m glad other people also thought it was funny).

Week 9 – Robot and Frank
This is when I think others and I found out this subject really liked showing us…

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