The Good, The Bad and The Beta

To be honest, I really feel that the Digital Artifacts are amazing to look into and see how they have evolved over the past couple of weeks in order to accommodate to the audiences and subjects that they have chosen to cover.

To start with, I had Nicole Gentle’s Our Future in Stories, which I feel is a pretty neat way to get the future ideas and issues across to her readers. The way she describes these ideas through the narrative of her blogs and the great use of metaphors. The only issue I had was with the possibility of narrowing down her focus to just western ideals. I feel that there are many pressing future issues that could be found outside of the west (like China with their surveillance for example) and pointed it out as a possible future story. But apart from that I feel that this will definitely be an enjoyable read for as long as it goes on.

The second beta I covered was Johnathan Pico’s and the whole idea of logos and how their designs change over time. I feel that this is an awesome idea, since the logo is one of the most important parts of a company (even though it’s the smallest aspect of it). It would be a good way to see how companies change their logos depending on the time and the audience that they are aiming their product at. I felt that maybe a little insight into past logos would be helpful, as a sort of launching point in order to better see this change over time. I also raised the elephant in the room with the old Golden Arches, especially now they act as mini embassies in Austria (a testament to the power of logos i guess).

Finally I got to cover another digital artifact from last time with Connor Lennon’s ‘Don’t Get Me Started on Sliced Bread’ (love the name). I feel that this project has come along really well since I reviewed it last with the pitch. He has definitely covered all that was recommended from the reviews, with a great covering of VR in his podcasts. I am still very much interested in how surfing culture has evolved and adapted to the trends in media and technology. Personally I wanted to know if they are still trying to do it with film still (like they did with Point Break and Surf’s Up) and if there was any movies coming up that would be promoting his culture or affecting it through inspiration (as movies tend to do sometimes).

All in all, it was a good series of projects and I can honestly say that they are all coming together well. It was especially satisfying to see Connor’s project come along since I’ve reviewed it since its inception. I am most certainly looking forward to the final products being released at the end of this coming week.

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