DA Beta Comments and self analysis

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BCM 325 Assessment 1 Part 2 (Post 4)

Overall critical self analysis:

Throughout the second round of comments for the DA beta videos, I believe my commenting had improved from the previous round. This was not only due to already having a rough idea of what was required but also due to having a better understanding of the works I was commenting on. I was able to gain a better understanding because unlike the first round, the beta round provided more information and early iteration’s of each DA was available to observe.

Each beta video being 4 minutes in length also drastically helped, as I was able to gain a lot more information from each DA, ultimately allowing for me to compose a successful comment.

Comment 1

Callum Harvey

Link: https://homebrewdrafts.wordpress.com/2019/05/03/bcm325-beta-uow-digital-media-society-five-year-plan-feedback-forms/

For Callum’s comment I begun by suggesting different ways he could expand his DA into different parts of the…

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