BCM325 Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

DA & Contextual Essay

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This Digital Artefact (DA) attempts to develop a prediction of what advertising might look like in the future. Underpinned by theory and research, the prediction has been actualised into a futuristic advertisement video. This essay will summarise the research and iteration process that influenced the idea’s development, outlining its social utility and providing detail into the concepts and imagined technologies that substantiate the speculation.

Secondary Research

During the first few iterations of the project, my focus was on developing the prediction based off the history and evolution of marketing. This emphasis on secondary research provided the theoretical foundation for the actualisation of my DA.

For the initial investigation, I looked at the history of marketing; utilising Philip Kotler’s five eras model to identify trends and insights into its evolution (Marketing MRI 2012). My intention was to use this research to identify overarching trends, which in turn could provide direction…

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