Connor Lennon: Digital Artefact

My Digital Artefact is represented in a series of podcasts that addresses the sport of surfing. Not necessarily the sport itself but the culture that surrounds the sport. taking an in-depth investigation into individual elements of the culture such as social media, business ventures, innovative technologies and other features of the sport. The podcasts would assess the topic and theorise the future trajectory of the world of surfing in regards to the analysis of patterns and trends experienced in the past and present. I was fortunate enough to secure a co-host Nicholas Isakkson in this podcast which greatly assisted in a conversational aspect to the DA.  In the initial stages of this digital artefact, my main goal was to address the realm of social media, this was a major interest of mine for its power to completely reshape industries and allow new pathways that don’t necessarily adhere to the normal professional sporting structure. Academic Gashaw Abeza writes in Relationship of marketing and Social media in Sport “social media opened up a wider opportunity to stay in touch with customers in a direct way, to engage in dialogue and know and understand customers than better before”. This basis for my DA allowed me to investigate my first podcast on Instagram and its impact on surfing’s online presence.

The rest of the Blog can be viewed here

link to SoundCloud with all other podcasts

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