The Horticultural Solution: Post 1

Madeleine Baker

With climate change and perpetual drought threatening the future of agricultural and farming industries in Australia, I firmly believe that we, as humans, must become more self and ecologically sustainable with our food sourcing. Looking at the short term future, roughly the next 12-18 months, people will need to start considering eating less meat and growing their own fresh produce to not only prepare for the impacts of climate change on farming industries, but to also reduce plastic wastage found on fresh produce in supermarkets. Currently, the average Australian is consuming around 100 kilograms of meat per year (ABARES, 2019). This is an incredibly unsustainable amount, as meat production is “placing significant pressure on finite global resources, ecosystems and it is contributing to climate change,” according to Macdiarmid, Douglas & Campbell (2016). This is due to livestock production having impacts on “air and water quality, ocean health, and…

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