The Social Robot – @tonicruize_

Final submission for my digital artefact called ‘The Social Robots’. Enjoy, because I sure had a lot of fun running this!!!

The idea behind ‘The Social Robot’ digital artefact is to investigate the idea of digitally created robots replacing the role of celebrities and social media influencers in society. Exploring the idea of in the short to medium term future, for social media influencers and social media celebrities to be phased out by their virtual beings.

The way in which I investigated the logistics of this idea was through the creation of my own take on a ‘virtual celebrity’s’ Instagram page, Toni Cruize. The initial process of my DA began with research on what both social media influencers/celebrities common posting habits and themes are, as well as what robot influencers posting behaviours and common characteristics. Then replicating these types of posts on my influencers pages. Posts I decided to incorporate included things like; brand deals and promotions seen frequently on Instagrammer’s pages, as well as details into the story behind…

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