#bcm325 contextual essay 🙂

Kiki Paige

YouTube is a website that allows people all over the world to watch and stream videos for educational and entertainment purposes, but has yet evolved tremendously since the birth of the website in 2005. As well as being a career, it also airs professional channels such as shows (YouTube Red), music (YouTube Music), memberships (YouTube Channel Membership), and even a channel for the younger generations (YouTube Kids). YouTube also now heavily relies on subscribers, likes and dislikes, comments and views. Most YouTubers have furthered their careers from YouTube to movies, shows, podcasts, music, and even hosting award shows and fashion events.

My digital artefact (DA) is my self-titled YouTube channel, Kiana Paige, which I started in semester one, 2018, as my very first DA. It’s simply a channel that allows me to upload fun videos that I film with my friends or just by myself. It doesn’t have a…

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