A future food crisis: So what do we really think?


Link to full survey results.


Hi everyone, this is my third and final podcast in my 3-part podcast series on insects as a form of food in the future. I will be analysing my survey responses, giving future recommendations, and concluding the overall project.

My survey was distributed across various platforms, inclusive of WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and via a shareable link. The main aim of the survey was to gather public opinions on the consumption of insects as a form of food. The survey was therefore open to be completed by any member of the general public. The results I will be discussing are as of 5th June 2019. The published results will also be available through a link.

The survey contained 9 questions, of which 2 were demographic. These were to uncover whether age or gender may affect other answers. I won’t go through all the…

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