BCM325: Future Cultures Challenge – Assignment 3


Click here to access my digital artefact.

In BCM325 this semester, I have chosen to carry on with a digital artefact that I had developed in previous subjects during my time at the University of Wollongong. Prior to this semester, my digital artefact was purely a page showcasing everything aviation, in particular however surrounding the airline Qantas. Although, to address the Future Cultures Challenge, I was forced to alter to the direction of my project only slightly to consider the future in the short and medium term future.

The methodology behind my assignment is simple. As it is already an easy platform to manoeuvre around on Instagram, acquiring content was the only challenging part when further developing this assignment. Through my current employment at Qantas Ground Services, it definitely helped coming across the visual aspects of the assignment which were the photos and videos I posted as part of theā€¦

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