Chronic Illness Stories – the finale or is it?

Work in progress

First starting what my project is now called ‘Chronic Illness Stories’ + Facebook groups, I had not a very clear idea in mind with what I wanted to do, all I knew I wanted to do was to rant about everyday things. The feedback I received was needed as I could tell I was not really excited about the idea of doing a podcast but could see the potential in online communities.

With that idea in mind, I created 2 Facebook groups, ‘Sounds like a weirdly specific medical question but ok’ and ‘Don’t get me started’, while also creating my main project idea of ‘Chronic Illness Stories’. There was not a lot of public feedback as I hadn’t prototyped ‘Chronic Illness Stories’ at the time, but I decided to start the blog because of the survey I conducted, a lot of people actually…

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