Contextual Essay BCM325

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My three-stage digital artefact for BCM325 has allowed me to acquire and demonstrate skills in conceptualising and developing a digital media project. My project addresses the future cultures in a 3-stage project, conveying the effects of robotics on culture and society in the future and the evolution of robotics and technological innovations over the past 50 years. My project approached the future cultures DA challenge by addressing the future of robotics impact on society and culture. I speculated on an entirely new future; not following on from observable patterns and trends, but, making my own prediction of the impact of robotics on society and culture.

Projects concept

My project’s concept was to construct a 3-stage artefact, firstly addressing the past and the technological innovations shaped over the past 50 years because ‘while robots are a fixture in the automotive industry, advancements in safety systems, end effectors and sensors are rapidly…

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