Influencer Marketing in the Future: Contextual Essay

Abby Poposki

In this contextual essay, I will be discussing my Digital Artefact, Influencer Marketing in the Future. Influencer Marketing in the Future is a podcast that I created where I wanted to explore the concept of social media influencers and their link to advertising in the future. I chose a podcast format because I felt it reflected best for the research I wanted to provide.

In my DA I wanted to provide research and critical thinking about what Influencer Marketing would look in the short, medium and long term future, which I stated in my pitch. The podcast was to be three episodes total, one episode each dedicated to a future timeframe. The first episode focused on 5 years, the second focused on 15 years and the third was to focus on 25-50 years. However, due to time constraints and demands for other subjects, I was only able to complete two…

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