Is this the end?


The following is a contextual statement on my Digital Artfact for the subject BCM325 Future Cultures.

Contextual Essay

My digital artefact’s (DA) concept centres around a future global food crisis and a possible solution to this, entomophagy (the consumption of insects). As referred to in my pitch and beta videos, incorporating the future was done in two ways throughout my project. Firstly, the project predicted a long term (30 years) future, in which the food crisis would occur. Secondly, the project offered a solution to this predicted problem, with future recommendations to prepare for the long-term future. These referred to the short term (2 years) and changing society’s opinions and acceptance of eating insects. Also, the medium term (5-10 years), and researching and implementing successful ways of mass production and distribution of edible insects. These two recommendations would then address the long term (30 years) future by ensuring society would…

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