Plastic Is Tragic

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Plastic Is Tragic Digital Artefact

BCM 325 Future Cultures Digital Artefact Challenge

My Digital Artefact Plastic is Tragic is an online movement and information hub built with the purpose of spreading information about replacing single use plastic packaging, with re-usable containers that customers can use in supermarkets around Australia.

I chose to target the time frames of mainly the medium and long term of around 25-50 years, in the ways that re-using and recycling will affect the planet, such as sufficiently eliminating waste in landfills and oceans, helping the worlds ecosystems.

But the DA also addresses ideas focusing on the short term of around 5-10 years. Identifying how customers will save money and notice a drastic decrease in the amount of waste they create.

I initially found it difficult to pin point a platform in which I wanted to display my idea, but ultimately decided on creating…

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