The Beginning of the end or the end of a beginning?

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So here’s the final product, cheap and shabby, the way I like it. I would try to do better, but cheap editing software can only look so good with the experience I have anyway. I have a few regrets over some of the things said, or the way I’ve said it, due to the nature of doing these things on dot points instead of actually writing a full speech, and made an error or two which I did try to fix it as best I could in the description and by linking to sources that explain the whole ordeal behind Universe 25 and the Nightmare Utopia (which sounds like a half decent band name in my opinion).

That’s another thing I found about choosing this subject and not realizing until it was too late, and that is the scope of the topic I have chosen. To really get the idea of this cycle of empires, you really do need to cover a lot of our collective history, something I insisted on very much throughout this whole project in order to better understand what it is that I’m try to teach. In fact, its one of the problems that I identified all the way in the original pitch at the start of this project but I really did not think it would be as hard as I now know it to be. Despite this I’ve tried my best to condense all this into the three blogs and ten-minute video that has become my digital artifact.

Discovering the connection between Glubb’s work and the religions of the world was really interesting and shocking to me, did not expect to stumble across that in my research and I definitely have a new view of Christian and Confucian teaching. The whole revelations basically being the ancient version of this work was definitely an eye opener, before this I thought that this was only a recent theory, but it turns out its something we’ve been aware of for a long time after all through what I once thought to be random metaphors I obviously didn’t understand.

Apart from that there isn’t much that I would change, I feel that I should have had tried to get more time off to work on this, or even picked a topic that would be so hard to condense into the medium I’ve made it but it is what it is. Hopefully, I got my next fifty year prediction across well enough as well (though really its more of until it ends kind of thing now that I think about it).

All in all, I had an enjoyable time working on this product for BCM325 and maybe I will do a follow up video or two going into details on the interesting stuff I just could not fit into this project.




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