The Concept of Sonar Reality

Brandon Cotter SONAR REALITY

Sonar Reality

Concept of Sonar Reality is the combination of Sonar and Virtual Reality. How
this Technology Works is using the Sonar waves which the implant will send out
allowing the waves to bounce back helping the person map out the surrounding
environment. Once the information is being received it will then be sent to the
brain and eye implants to help simulate and visualise the area. The Virtual
Reality aspect is then put into affect when the response of the brain triggers
the cornea to look for certain colours and shapes within the occupants glasses
which will map out the environment outside.

The process we are using for making and testing is using the same technology as the sonar implants that in society now, plus virtual reality technology and neurological technology that allows us too connect all sensory outputs to help the virtual process. Scholarly articles from Ludwig Wallmeier and…

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