‘The Drone Zone’ DA


Digital Artefact – The Drone Zone (Youtube series)

Episode 1

Episode 2 

The initial aim of my project was to create a podcast series called ‘The Drone Zone’ in which I’d discuss the history of drones, the current technology of drones, and the potential future landscape of drone technology. The discussion would not just be about this technology, but how it has already impacted the world in just the short time it has been around, as well as highlighting the potential impact it could have on the short to mid term future.

This general concept of ‘The Drone Zone’ stayed the same, however through the feedback loop, both online and in-person from peers, ‘The Drone Zone’s‘ medium shifted towards an online episode series, combining the mediums of podcast and video. To an extent I mimicked online shows such as ‘The Phillip DeFranco Show’, recreating his style of narrating…

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