UOW Digital Media Society – A BCM325 Digital Artefact

homebrew drafts.

The Pyatiletka: A Five Year Expansion Plan | DMS Talent Pool Google Form | Sample Feedback Form (Meme Warfare Seminar) | UOWDMS Podcast (group component)

My digital artefact seeks to assist the expansion of the Digital Media Society at the University of Wollongong, through the production of a five-year master plan for the Society itself, as well as the development of systems for event feedback and connecting students with portfolio-building opportunities. Additionally, the public components of the artefact, including social media content, the UOWDMS podcast, and a website, have been completed with the assistance of Alex Mastronardi and Kelsea Latham, who are both completing BCM325 at present, as well as DMS Vice-President Meggen Pigram and Events Coordinator Sunny Commandeur.

untitled-5c-20i_38437477 An overview of the functionality behind our Google Forms Talent Pool system to connect students and potential gigs.

DMS is the first and only faculty-affiliated club at UOW for communication and…

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