Digital Artefact Report

Allanah Johnson

Take a minute to look outside at the beautiful environment. You may be sitting in your office, at home or even outside. The environment surrounds us and provides us with so many benefits that some just aren’t aware of. There are so many walking tracks that we can participate in to become fitter, healthier, and to improve our health and wellbeing.  I have made it my mission in a Digital Artefact (DA) for BCM325 Future cultures to provide my audience with awesome tracks they can participate in to take advantage of the environment. These tracks are in and around the Sutherland Shire.

Campbell (2017) in TheRangeland Journal explains that it is vital to take care of Australian agriculture or there is a risk for the future. He explicates for the past four decades there has been transformative course in Australian-agriculture such as ecological restoration, revegetation and agroforestry as a…

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