UOW Digital Media Society – DA & Contextual Essay

Diversity, Communication & Culture

This semester for BCM325Future Cultures,I have been lucky enough to have been utilising my Executive role within the UOW Digital Media Society (DMS). I have been working closely with fellow BCM325 students Alex Mastronardi (Treasurer) and Callum Harvey (President), as well as the rest of the executive team – Meggen Pigram (Vice President) and Sunny Commandeur (Events Coordinator). We have been working hard to create a number of tangible DMS resources and artefacts to benefit the overall longevity of our society on campus.


Digital Artefact Group Components:

+ UOWDMS Podcast

+ UOWDMS on Twitter

+ UOWDMS on Facebook

My Digital Artefact & Individual Contribution is The UOWDMS Website!

The Future Cultures DA Challenge:

We see can see a widespread necessity for setting BCM students and students from other facilities on a trajectories of career success after they leave university and “…involvement in student organizations has a…

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