‘Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?’ A reflection

Vilde Haaland Axelsen

Are Robots Taking Our Jobs? A digital artefact by Vilde Haaland Axelsen 

From my first pitch, I decided that I wanted to look into how technology and robots are ‘taking over’ the world. At first, I wanted to look at robots in general and in every aspect. I soon after the feedback from my pitch that is would be too broad and that it would be more feasible if I only looked at one aspect, and therefore I chose to look into how technology has taken over our job and what it might look like in the future. Therefore, I named my DA Are Robots taking out jobs? I hoped to answer this question through my research.

I originally wanted to look into the long-term future, around 50 years from now. But when I was starting to write my Digital artefact, I soon found out that it would make more…

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