My DA!!!!

Koranith Rusakul

My project is become YouTube and explain about car technology could have been in 10 to 15 or 20 years ago. As we all know that car tech has developing during time since normal car to cruise control then self-driving car in nowadays. Background of my DA is based on my own interested. I’m a big fan of car news and car tech, I’ve seen they are improving during time in terms of performance and gadgets. For example, entertainment screen that getting smarter and more functional during time. I’ve watched a lot of car tech video on YouTube and it’s heavily inspired me. My method was changing during time from the started. I was going to make a video like “Vlog” just filming myself talking to the camera and give a full of information. That was my first prototype ever. However, during the editing I asked my girlfriend to watch…

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UOW Digital Media Society – DA & Contextual Essay

Diversity, Communication & Culture

This semester for BCM325Future Cultures,I have been lucky enough to have been utilising my Executive role within the UOW Digital Media Society (DMS). I have been working closely with fellow BCM325 students Alex Mastronardi (Treasurer) and Callum Harvey (President), as well as the rest of the executive team – Meggen Pigram (Vice President) and Sunny Commandeur (Events Coordinator). We have been working hard to create a number of tangible DMS resources and artefacts to benefit the overall longevity of our society on campus.


Digital Artefact Group Components:

+ UOWDMS Podcast

+ UOWDMS on Twitter

+ UOWDMS on Facebook

My Digital Artefact & Individual Contribution is The UOWDMS Website!

The Future Cultures DA Challenge:

We see can see a widespread necessity for setting BCM students and students from other facilities on a trajectories of career success after they leave university and “…involvement in student organizations has a…

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Digital Artefact Report

Allanah Johnson

Take a minute to look outside at the beautiful environment. You may be sitting in your office, at home or even outside. The environment surrounds us and provides us with so many benefits that some just aren’t aware of. There are so many walking tracks that we can participate in to become fitter, healthier, and to improve our health and wellbeing.  I have made it my mission in a Digital Artefact (DA) for BCM325 Future cultures to provide my audience with awesome tracks they can participate in to take advantage of the environment. These tracks are in and around the Sutherland Shire.

Campbell (2017) in TheRangeland Journal explains that it is vital to take care of Australian agriculture or there is a risk for the future. He explicates for the past four decades there has been transformative course in Australian-agriculture such as ecological restoration, revegetation and agroforestry as a…

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The Representation of Women’s Issues in Science-fiction

Kassi Klower

Introduction Video: Sci-fi has a Women Problem

Video Two: Female Sexuality in Sci-fi

Video Three: Reproductive Rights in Sci-fi

Video Four: Equal Representation in Sci-fi

This digital artefact does some things well and other things, mainly from behind-the-scenes, could have been done better.

My original concept was to do three video essays which analysed how speculative fiction represents, warns, and comments on women’s issues. I chose three which are particularly relevant in today’s society; sexuality, reproductive rights, and equal representation. My original concept did not change throughout the project, except to add a fourth video as an introduction to the concepts of science fiction as speculative fiction, futurology, and some background information on what the science-fiction genre has historically been like for women creators and characters.

I chose this topic because I am very interested in how women are represented in media and the real-world consequences and implications of these…

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The Concept of Sonar Reality

Brandon Cotter SONAR REALITY

Sonar Reality

Concept of Sonar Reality is the combination of Sonar and Virtual Reality. How
this Technology Works is using the Sonar waves which the implant will send out
allowing the waves to bounce back helping the person map out the surrounding
environment. Once the information is being received it will then be sent to the
brain and eye implants to help simulate and visualise the area. The Virtual
Reality aspect is then put into affect when the response of the brain triggers
the cornea to look for certain colours and shapes within the occupants glasses
which will map out the environment outside.

The process we are using for making and testing is using the same technology as the sonar implants that in society now, plus virtual reality technology and neurological technology that allows us too connect all sensory outputs to help the virtual process. Scholarly articles from Ludwig Wallmeier and…

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Peer-Review: A Vicarious (Mutual) Learning Process in the Role of a Feedback Provider

Page || Trang

Throughout the Future Cultures (BCM325) subject, I have often questioned myself about the purpose of writing reflections on my role as a feedback producer of my peers’ presentations. While feedback receipt generates a critical self-reflection (Nicol et al. 2014: 102), which plays a cardinal role in the higher education independent learning environment (Nicol et al. 2014: 113), feedback provision appears to hold little reflective values. I used to ponder that feedback provision was a non-reciprocal process, which only benefited my peers’ (the receivers) performances and somehow, my tutor’s (the main feedback producer) workload share. Hence, I found commenting on my classmates’ projects time-consuming.

However, my perspective changed in this second round of peer-commenting on Oliva’s, Jessica’s and Susie’s beta presentations of digital artefacts (DA). By employing dual roles as a reader and a researcher, I felt that I could suggest further research directions, enrich my friends’ justifications for method usage…

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The wild ride of a digital artefact: A contextual essay

Oh my blog

I’ve said it before in both my pitch and beta videos, and I’ll say it again: the concept of a digital artefact was completely foreign to me before this class, and what a learning experience it has been!

From the moment I received feedback on my pitch I mostly felt frustration. While  I received some great feedback from my classmates, I quickly figured out the original concept for my project wasn’t going to work out.  I initially planned to make three video essays but I quickly realised that technology is not exactly my strong point and it would take me far too long to create one video, let alone three. My idea then evolved into blog posts, and as a former journalism student, this was a medium that I was far more comfortable with.

Not only did the medium for my digital artefact change, so too did the content matter…

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The Glossy Project: A DA and Contextual Essay


Finally, I have come to the completion of my DA for #BCM325. I have created an online publication with a number of articles that predict and discuss where the future of the magazine industry is headed. I present: The Glossy Project.

The concept of my project was to address the future of the print media industry, specifically magazines, over the next 5, 10, 20 to 50 years. In my DA, I attempted to forecast the future based on observable patterns and historical trends in magazine publishing, particularly looking at the shift to digital platforms. I chose this topic quite quickly after looking at the question for the assignment all the way back in week 1 of this subject. I decided to choose this topic as I aspire to work in publishing upon the completion of my degree. I am also undertaking an internship at a small local magazine which I…

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Chronic Illness Stories – the finale or is it?

Work in progress

First starting what my project is now called ‘Chronic Illness Stories’ + Facebook groups, I had not a very clear idea in mind with what I wanted to do, all I knew I wanted to do was to rant about everyday things. The feedback I received was needed as I could tell I was not really excited about the idea of doing a podcast but could see the potential in online communities.

With that idea in mind, I created 2 Facebook groups, ‘Sounds like a weirdly specific medical question but ok’ and ‘Don’t get me started’, while also creating my main project idea of ‘Chronic Illness Stories’. There was not a lot of public feedback as I hadn’t prototyped ‘Chronic Illness Stories’ at the time, but I decided to start the blog because of the survey I conducted, a lot of people actually…

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