BCM325 DA Contextual Essay

Taleasha Rose

On several occasions Australia’s history is represented by non-Indigenous voices and perspectives. The idea of A Widening Gap was to create a space where Indigenous perspectives could be viewed, particularly in relation to Indigenous issues.

In regard to the Future Cultures Challenge, I wanted to create opinion piece style blogs in order to share my thoughts and opinions on the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and communities. I wanted to use the blog to explain why I personally believe that this gap will not close over the next five to ten years’ time.

When first creating A Widening Gap, there were plenty of struggles – including finding content that I could discuss without starting World War 3 on WordPress.
Once I had found the content, I had to approach it with sensitivity while also trying to get my point across.
My first blog post was…

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The Beginning of the end or the end of a beginning?

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOW7UE7VBn0

So here’s the final product, cheap and shabby, the way I like it. I would try to do better, but cheap editing software can only look so good with the experience I have anyway. I have a few regrets over some of the things said, or the way I’ve said it, due to the nature of doing these things on dot points instead of actually writing a full speech, and made an error or two which I did try to fix it as best I could in the description and by linking to sources that explain the whole ordeal behind Universe 25 and the Nightmare Utopia (which sounds like a half decent band name in my opinion).

That’s another thing I found about choosing this subject and not realizing until it was too late, and that is the scope of the topic I have chosen. To really get the idea of this cycle of empires, you really do need to cover a lot of our collective history, something I insisted on very much throughout this whole project in order to better understand what it is that I’m try to teach. In fact, its one of the problems that I identified all the way in the original pitch at the start of this project but I really did not think it would be as hard as I now know it to be. Despite this I’ve tried my best to condense all this into the three blogs and ten-minute video that has become my digital artifact.

Discovering the connection between Glubb’s work and the religions of the world was really interesting and shocking to me, did not expect to stumble across that in my research and I definitely have a new view of Christian and Confucian teaching. The whole revelations basically being the ancient version of this work was definitely an eye opener, before this I thought that this was only a recent theory, but it turns out its something we’ve been aware of for a long time after all through what I once thought to be random metaphors I obviously didn’t understand.

Apart from that there isn’t much that I would change, I feel that I should have had tried to get more time off to work on this, or even picked a topic that would be so hard to condense into the medium I’ve made it but it is what it is. Hopefully, I got my next fifty year prediction across well enough as well (though really its more of until it ends kind of thing now that I think about it).

All in all, I had an enjoyable time working on this product for BCM325 and maybe I will do a follow up video or two going into details on the interesting stuff I just could not fit into this project.




The Finished Product: So What Next?


The digital artifact that I undertook for BCM325 Future Cultures was a podcast called What Next? and was a collaboration between myself and another student Lizzie Farley. The theme of our DA is conspiracy theories, we looked at particular theories and their link to the future made suggestions and predictions, and looked at what could have happened or will happen if particular technologies were around, or come into play in the future.

On our initial DA pitch post, we received very valuable feedback that we chose to implement into our podcast episodes. The feedback was very positive with a lot of people responding that they enjoy conspiracy theories and the idea of Lizzie and I collaborating on one project was a good one due to being able to divide our workload. Another common feedback response was that a podcast was an effective way to present our ideas. This is backed…

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my cool [university] blog

The future of content creation is a very relevant topic. In the past couple of years the rise of short-form videos have increased. These videos are posted video sharing websites such as YouTube, but also various video sharing apps have started making its way onto the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Apps such as Vine and Musical.ly have been very popular apps for users to create short-form video content that is able to be shared. While those apps no longer exist, TikTok has taken over and become the new way for people to create and post short videos to an audience.

The TikTok account ‘georgieroxursox‘ which I have been using as my DA for the BCM325 was created to further analyse online content creating by putting myself in the position to create content myself. The concept was to become familiar with TikTok and…

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BCM325: Future Cultures Challenge – Assignment 3


Click here to access my digital artefact.

In BCM325 this semester, I have chosen to carry on with a digital artefact that I had developed in previous subjects during my time at the University of Wollongong. Prior to this semester, my digital artefact was purely a page showcasing everything aviation, in particular however surrounding the airline Qantas. Although, to address the Future Cultures Challenge, I was forced to alter to the direction of my project only slightly to consider the future in the short and medium term future.

The methodology behind my assignment is simple. As it is already an easy platform to manoeuvre around on Instagram, acquiring content was the only challenging part when further developing this assignment. Through my current employment at Qantas Ground Services, it definitely helped coming across the visual aspects of the assignment which were the photos and videos I posted as part of the…

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The final part of it all: Digital artifact and Contextual Essay


For thirteen weeks, I have been working on a digital artefact titled: the future of online media. As the names suggests, it is an online WordPress blog that discusses different aspects of online media, what the culture is online, different aspects that have arose, and what is predicted from my standpoint to be the future of these trends. The blog itself featured three overall posts that discussed different topics of online media. This ranged from media companies and their influence online, the transition of television to the internet, and the influence AI has performed online.

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Wrapping up, a contextual essay

The Pink Protagonist

The future of technologies is still fluid, however, there are ways to predict where it may, or may not head, according to current trends in technological advancement. For the purposes of my own research project, I decided to mainly focus on technologies related to medical implantations for recreational use, and where I thought this technology is headed in 5, 10, 20- and 50-years’ time. While researching this I wanted to also take into consideration the ethical dilemmas that might arise with the implementation of this technology.

For my very first blog, my focus was on the entertainment industry. I did this as popular cultures such as movies and TV series are an easy way of introducing the wider population to a verity of concepts in a far less invasive manner. It is not to say that those who watch them are not somewhat frightened by the possibilities shown, but…

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Plastic Is Tragic

Liam Porrett Blog

↓↓↓ Click Here ↓↓↓

Plastic Is Tragic Digital Artefact

BCM 325 Future Cultures Digital Artefact Challenge

My Digital Artefact Plastic is Tragic is an online movement and information hub built with the purpose of spreading information about replacing single use plastic packaging, with re-usable containers that customers can use in supermarkets around Australia.

I chose to target the time frames of mainly the medium and long term of around 25-50 years, in the ways that re-using and recycling will affect the planet, such as sufficiently eliminating waste in landfills and oceans, helping the worlds ecosystems.

But the DA also addresses ideas focusing on the short term of around 5-10 years. Identifying how customers will save money and notice a drastic decrease in the amount of waste they create.

I initially found it difficult to pin point a platform in which I wanted to display my idea, but ultimately decided on creating…

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A bit of Context

Blabbering On

My digital artefact, which can be found here, analyses the future possibilities of sports games and their relationship with physical sports. Originally, this was intended to be done through a series of video essays on YouTube, but after reflection and viewing others work, I decided to change my platform to a website to allow for much more interactivity and utility. The site, which uses WordPress, includes a context page which explains key terms and the process of developing the website, as well as three small essays examining the financial relationship between sporting games and physical sports, the use of sporting games as training guides, and the future changes to the gaming experience.

The website addresses the future quite strongly, as it is a key theme in the concepts and topics discussed. The topics of the three essays are all based on discussing changes that may or will occur in…

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FINALE: The Recount of Why

This is my Contextual Essay for my BCM325 Digital Artefact, give it a read

Blogg Posts

For my Digital Artefact, I created the Treatment Mobility Brace (TMB). To reach my goal for the semester I needed to have written a provisional specification for the TMB and have 3D printed a model of it. The way I reached these steps where through peer and online research combined with a defined feedback loop that was set up on social media and my WordPress.

The Treatment Mobility Brace is a tool that can be used for a multitude of injuries and its design has developed a lot since the initial design to the final form. The digital location of the final model and the provisional specification for patent can be found on this WordPress post.


The Treatment Mobility Brace responds to the assignment as it is a Digital Artefact that responds to the future in 5, 10, 25 or 50 years:

Within 5 years, the TMB should be…

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